Spotlight on Students - Kids with Kids
Spotlight on Students - Kids with Kids
Added on 16 May 2016
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A talk show created by teen dad TeRay Esquibel with support from Open Media Foundation and Denver Child Support is being awarded the Empowerment: Hometown Video Award bestowed by The Alliance for Community Media (ACM). This video is one of a select few to win the award. The 75 minute talk show is produced, written and hosted by 17-year-old TeRay Esquibel, as part of the Parent Up Denver program, which encourages young parents to support their children through the use of new and traditional media, outreach and conversation. Kids with Kids, features teen and twenty-something dads talking to Esquibel about their experience being young dad's. The show also features Esquibel's biological dad and their relationship growing up. An intriguing segment of the show features Jose Guererro who expresses "Father Love", a poem he wrote about his son's mother abandoning his child, his initial fears as a father, and the meaning of father love. "The show gave me the chance to change the perspective of what people think about dads. That's why I asked my dad to be on the show and talk about how he was there for me. I invited Jose because he was a reverse side of the traditional stereotype of what we see of parents; a dad raising his kid without the mom. I hope this show empowers other young dads to be there for their kids," Esquibel said.

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