Birds of Sahyadri :Asian Paradise Flycatcher
Birds of Sahyadri :Asian Paradise Flycatcher
Added on 01 Aug 2017
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Sahyadri or North western ghats is the mountain range in India. It is one of the most biodiverse hotspots of our planet. It has many endemic species of birds, amphibians, and other flora and fauna. The hills get covered everyyear with the clouds in Monsoon season, transforming it. Most of the rivers in South India originate from western ghats. Sahyadri however is under threat for its rich natural resources, forests, and beautiful landscapes. Uncontrolled tourism, mining and urbanisation is taking toll of it. The poor political will along with low awarenes amongst those who depend on it indirectly is causing the downfall of the beautiful habitat. This is a non commercial awareness video. In this video you can see Asian Paradise Flycatcher female bird which is seen in Sahyadri hills and in mainland India forests.

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