Amazing Human Statue for Two Aladdins
Amazing Human Statue for Two Aladdins
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Amazing Living statue is a street performance where the artist dressed and made ​​up as a statue, and stood motionless for a long time. Sometimes life sculptures deceive passersby, who believe that a real statue. Sometimes the show is accompanied by cameras, often occultism, to commemorate the audience reaction. As in all performing arts, amazing Living statues players invited to perform cultural events and exhibitions of art.

Group of amazing Living statues was normal in the Middle Ages and Renaissance festivities and royal processions. amazing Living statues visible monument stands on the route of the procession.

In the early years of the 20th century the dancer German Olga Desmond, show "evenings of beauty" (Schönheitsabende), appeared in beautiful and classic works of art imitating animal pictures. amazing Living statue appeared in a scene of the French film of Marcel Carne and Jacques Prevert Children of Paradise (Les Enfants du Paradis) from 1945. Among the pioneers of the performances were sculptures amazing Living artist duo Gilbert and George appeared in the 60s in London.

Mime training is of great benefit to the human statue at work because the artist must be able to rest in different positions, and to be able to move in slow motion. A performer stands tend to stand on guard against dogs. Artists working as amazing Living statues can fool passersby and a few shows filmed with hidden camera showed how the statues come I can scare people.

The picture alive, that a group of amazing Living statues, was a regular presence at medieval festivals during the Renaissance. The group perform a scene set on a stand decorated to look like a monument on the route which the procession passed. A amazing Living statue appeared in the 1945 French film Les Enfants du Paradis ( Children of Paradise ). The first artists who played roles Londoners amazing Living statues were artists Gilbert and George in the 60s. In the early years of the twentieth century, the German dancer Olga Desmond has achieved "Evenings of Beauty" (Schönheitsabende), the classical beautiful picture imitating artistic masterpieces ('amazing Living pictures'). António Santos, known as staticman interprets amazing Living statues continuously since 1987 and was included in the Guinness Book of Records between 1988 and 1997, and stood motionless for 15 hours, 5 minutes and 55 seconds. He then made ​​four world records, but not that they be confirmed by Guinness economic reasons. At the moment, live statues levitation Staticman interprets, organizes festivals and teaches amazing Living statues to interpret amazing Living statues.

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